Nebula Fighter

Nebula Fighter 1.6

Nebula Fighter is an arcade shooter game with two-player co-operative mode
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1.6 (See all)
Holodream Software

Like most new action games, Nebula Fighter proudly presents a background story to set the stage for the carnage. At some point during the late 20th century, the world is taken over by a power-hungry terrorist organization. Soon after, Earth is contacted by an alien race called the Venishians, who unwittingly become the target of the greedy new government. By capturing and analyzing one of the alien ships, scientists are able to construct a fleet of fighters capable of attacking the celestial visitors on their home planet. The player is responsible for breaking through the alien defenses and alerting earth to commence the attack, yada, yada, yada.... Does anyone really pay attention to the story while blasting aliens into space debris? I doubt it, but it's there for the literary inclined just the same.
- Extensive play time with 21 levels of gameplay
- Two-player co-operative mode
- 3D rendered and animated graphics
- Advanced AI

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